review1-compressor “Since attending CrossFit Pohaku for Teens, Makana’s endurance and speed on the soccer field has definitely improved for the better. Not only is she able to last longer on the soccer field, she has gained a lot of insight into ways to avoid injuries (something she was always prone to). CrossFit provides an entirely different level of strength and conditioning that has so many benefits for young athletes. You can see the difference right away. We did and are grateful for Andy’s guidance.”
– Rhee Manuel

post2 “We spent years planning to get back into working out. We could never find the motivation or drive to get going. The longer we took to get up and go, the more out of shape we became. Finally after seeing Andy at a soccer meeting for parents we gace CrossFit a try.
Walking into their morning class, we had no idea what to expect. We never worked out so hard in our life! It feel great getting back into shape and having fun at the same time. Andy is an excellent coach that stresses the importance of correct form and scaling the workouts to meet or needs. Every workout is hard, fun and fast.”
– Ed & Rhonnie Rapoza

post2 “It’s all about priorities, and Crossfit Pohaku has been one of mine for over 3 years.  I am 61 years old and have had numerous surgeries (including a knee replacement). The coaches are second to none in their knowledge and delivery of all movements, with safety being priority.  I am pushed out of my comfort zone, every day, but I am a better, stronger me for that. Yes, it is hard but I feel so accomplished after every workout and know that I did my best, to MY ability, not compared to anybody else.  That’s just it…..all workouts can and are modified for any fitness level.”
– Kathy Daly

post2 “My first year and half at Pohaku I participated in the Crossfit classes several times a week. It got me out of the house, kicked my butt in the best way possible and as a result I was surrounded by a community of people with similar goals and priorities. After a year and a half of Crossfit classes, I joined the Barbell club and started Olympic lifting. Coach Andy has pushed me to be a better lifter and is really knowledgeable in Olympic Lifting and strength training. Lifting consistently at Pohaku has really made a huge difference in my overall strength and goals in fitness. I still have along way to go, but I’ve come a long way from where I first started! Overall, Crossfit Pohaku has been my favorite place to work on myself, achieve goals, relieve stress, and meet great people who lift me up and push me to be the best me.”
– Alyssa Brandt