Fitness differs in degree, not in kind” so we give the option of a “Fitness” or “Performance” track in each of our classes, depending on a participants ability or goals. This is a beginning to medium level program incorporating functional movement patterns (strength) with a metabolic workout (conditioning). All of the strength portion and the workouts can be scaled or modified to a person’s ability, even working around injury. We strive to make the impossible, possible for every individual.  Included in monthly payment.


Personal Training

For someone that needs that one on one interaction or just wants to work on something very specific. This is a great way to really jump start or elevate you fitness.



This is an introductory level class for all beginners focusing on learning how to move correctly coupled with functional strength work and metabolic conditioning. It is a requirement if you wish to come into our regular CrossFit classes or can be used as a stand alone program. The Movement classes are on a 6 week membership basis.

FHITT Functional High Intensity Interval Training



Taking the interval training concept and applying it to strength training to maximize your body’s potential to burn calories and lean out. This class focuses on dumbbells, kettlebells, limited barbell work and of course your own bodyweight. Sculpt:60 adds in an additional conditioning portion on top of 45 minutes of strength work.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achieve your fitness goals